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AriesPro™ AIMMS (MDMS)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based Meter Data Management System (AIMMS) with advance prediction model on AMI meter usage load profiles, weather based meter consumption model, predicting meter fault through usage behavior, communication errors, meter events and maintenance situational awareness; both on cloud based online applications and real time ESRI ArcGIS map based view application. In addition, the system provides an ability for virtual meters’ analysis, live remote pings and meter power status check ability, using our customer’s meter status check, we can demonstrate communication path from cell relay/hub to multiple meters’ connectivity to identify faulty meters and connect with field crew via AIMMS ArcGIS map based view and mobile friendly application; you can also search any distribution devices connectivity from Substation to feeder to circuit line devices (Transformers, Cap banks, Relays) to meter and service location – all on single ‘map based view’

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